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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 19, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> winter, winter right here in the bay area. someone in the south bay is millions of dollars richer. thanks to power ball. >> that's right, kristen ayers is live right now where one winner has hit it big. kristen. >> reporter: yeah, somebody is running around with a winning ticket. they walked into this chevron station right here and bought that winning ticket matching all five numbers plus the power ball for that $400 million jackpot. if you can believe it. lottery officials telling us tonight no one claimed the ticket just yet and we don't know if the ticket sold here is the only winner. there were two other tickets that matched five numbers. one in modesto and those aren't the only winners. the owner of the gas station is looking at a $1 million payday just for selling the ticket. customers we talked to in total disbelief tonight.
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>> my coworker called me and said did you buy your ticket at the chevron? i'm like no. she said someone hit it there. >> crazy, could have been me. >> could have been me, too, but it was not. we should know the latest tomorrow morning if there were anymore winners. the other agencies still not back to the california lottery tonight to tell them whether there were other winners. we won't know for a while, but this could be a huge win for whoever walked through the door. people check your tickets tonight. >> man, no kidding. they got a big chunk of this, too, right? >> yeah, that's right, they will. they will get a fraction of it. so a lot of winners tonight. >> a fraction of $400 million, that's a big chunk. all right. >> that's a big chunk, i'd like a piece of that chunk. >> kristen ayers, thanks. in case you missed, here are tonight's winning numbers, 1, 17, 35, 49, 54, and the power ball is 34. the second bay area jackpot
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in two months. in december, a megamillions player hit it big at jenny's gift shop in san jose. that was $324 million. a recall of close to 9 million-pounds of beef expanded across the u.s. and into canada today. the kpix5 is learning just because there's a recall doesn't mean questionable beef isn't still on store shelves. betty. >> that's right, so wal-mart and several major supermarket chains have already pulled frozen items off their shelves because they contain beef that may have come from sick cows. but that's not the case. hundreds of smaller stores. at the market in alameda, our visit came as a surprise. the owner had no clue that some of the hot pockets in his freezer have been recalled. the beef came from rancho feeding corporation. nearly 1,000 mom and pops and gas station convenience stores listed on the usda's website are still selling potentially
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tainted products and we found that many of them don't know it. >> it's possible that they are a customer of a customer. >> jeremy russell with a north american meat association says that's the way recalls work. compiles a list of its clients who then call their clients and we're talking about a year's worth of meat. >> it would not be surprising to me that they are having to go back in time to communicate with folks that haven't carried the product for months and months. >> information has been spotty, but here are the recalled products we know of so far. two versions of hot pocket, philly steak and cheese, and some packaged hamburger pattities and beef jerky products. we tried to get answers from the usda on what other products might be involved. they told us to call rancho's quality control manager. the person who answered the phone told us he has been layed off. coming up in ten minutes, some of the most high end meat on
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the market is also on the hit list. and why bay area ranchers should be left out of this mess. live in the newsroom, kpix5. >> people in oakland's neighborhood got together tonight to talk about what else, safety. it's the same neighborhood where a private security guard shot and wounded a suspected burglar last week and where an 81-year-old woman was snot a home invasion robbery back in january. >> whether east oakland or here in the diamond, there's crime happening every single day. >> about 5 dozen families in the neighborhood already pay for private security. others say they would rather pay a tax sot so the city can hire police. >> a woman who was attacked by another patient is questioning the hospital's security. mary perez was being treated for breathing problems. a psychiatric patient hit perez with a pole from a fluid
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machine. she has bruises on her arms from when she tried to protect her head. the man who attacked her was arrested. the hospital said a psych patient has never attacked another patient. also tonight, contra costa county firefighters are putting everyone on notice after this home went up in flames last month. it's one of many grow houses posing a huge danger, they say. andrea is in pittsburgh with what firefighters aren't going to do anymore, andrea. >> reporter: it's the case of not making sure the neighborhood burns down. so, you know, if the grow house catches fire, their concern isn't that house, it's the ones directly next door. up in smoke. that's what contra costa firefighters say will happen when an illegal pot grow catches fire from now on. >> it's not where somebody is using it for their own purposes, but these are rather large, if you will, commercial farming operations. >> this home in pittsburgh was
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broken up, blackened, and boarded up windows is one of 45 pot houses that caught fire. the homes are a tangle of wiring. sucking down tons of power to grow the weed. while the pot growers aren't master electricians, making it exceptionally dangerous for firefighters to go inside. so now, they just won't. the fire will be fought from the outside with an eye toward protecting the neighborhood. >> we're telling them if they get into a residential grow operation, take a defensive stance. the fires will burn longer, hotter, until we can get pg and e to secure the power. >> the crash cop will be getting lit up in house fires, just not the way growers anticipated. in pittsburgh, kpix5. >> firefighters are asking the neighbors to be aware of signs of pot grow houses like bars over only specific windows of the house and new neighbors who
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never seem to bring any furniture inside. >> can't make it rain, so the governor wants to tap into the checkbook to help fix california's drought. it's going to cost more than half a billion dollars. >> we don't know when it's going to rain or if it does rain, we don't know how long it's going to rain and therefore we really don't know how bad the drought is going to be over the next year or two or three. >> somebody would help farmers and workers as well as conservation projects. regulations would be relaxed to help with water transfers. the state would develop a system for using recycled water. the proposal needs approval from the legislature. it is morning in ukraine. we have live pictures for you. fires still burning in the streetses despite word of a truce more than two dozen antigovernment protesters died already. hundreds were hurt in clashes last night. now the two sides have agreed to halt the violence and hold
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some talks. president obama said today they had better. >> there will be consequences if people step over the line. that includings making sure the military does not step in to what should be a set of issues that can be resolved by civilians. >> the protesters are accusing president victor of being corrupt and increasingly dictatorial. they are angry with him for turning away from a trade deal with the european union and accepting bailout deal from russia. >> airlines on alert tonight. u.s. intelligence officials say terror groups have been chatting lately about possible new designs. warning airlines with international flights inbound to the u.s. to be watchful. the department of homeland security says at this point, there's no specific threat or known plot. military officials say u.s. aircraft accidentally dropped a bomb on a u.s. outpost in
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afghanistan. joe vasquez shows us the 500 pound mistake. >> september 2012 in eastern afghanistan. >> there it is. american aircraft were supposed to be bombing the taliban. instead, the camera attached to a soldier's helmet captures the explosion at ground level as the american, 500 pound bomb, blows up right next to the barracks of an american military outpotion. >> this was a major mistake. the way targeting words, you have to get the cured that nights right. >> air crew had the wrong cured that night. that's according to a military. the troops rushed through the camp to make sure everybody is okay. >> are you guys all right?
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you guys good? >> yeah, we're good, we're good. we are straight. >> yeah, they're good. >> no casualties. >> no casualties, nobody hurt. unbelievably so. nobody punished. the military decided it was an accident and these kind of things happen in wars. really close call, i hear. >> oh my gosh, incredibly close. joe, thank you. well, grass fed, prime beef doesn't come cheap, but we are learning the good stuff could be tainted. >> getting more graduates on the job market, the plan to offer four-year degrees at california's junior colleges. >> and no more losing cell phone cig nails. one developer's idea to keep you connected whenever you want to be. increase in clouds led to a gorgeous sunset throughout berkeley. we were pushing 70 degrees in a few spots and we get warmer.
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community college? it could soon happen here in california. a proposal would make it possible, but it's not going to turn the schools into complete alternatives to traditional four-year colleges. it would create one bachelor's program per campus and only in a few districts. >> more now on that massive beef recall out of sonoma county. it is expanded nationwide. processed food items, such as hot pockets and frozen burgers are being taken off store shelves. as betty found out, some of the most premium beef on the market is also on this recall list. >> that's right. organically raised grass fed beef is a bay area favorite. getting them slaughtered at the same establishment that is at the center of this recall. they say they are clast rail damage ask they are not happy about it. showed us the damage, 30 boxes of frozen beef put on hold. part of a massive nationwide
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recall. because the cows on her small ranch are grass fed and as healthy as can be. >> the thing about grass fed beef, when it's grass fed, you'll have more nutrition. >> her cows were butchered at a slaughter house, for processing, disease, and unsound animal. one of dozens of local grass fed producers. adam parks sells the meat at his butcher shop in petaluma. and says the real has given him a black eye. this has been a verging movement in northern california and our county in particular of bringing the highest quality grass fed, well cared for beef to our local consumers. >> local ranchers shoant believe they should be included in this recall.
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grass fed cows were in the minority. rancho feeding corporation is in the business of slaughtering retired dairy cows. >> those animals tend to be older. >> older dairy cows are used to make cheaper ground beef products. >> that's why the u.s. setteds a minimum standard and that's why they have inspectors present. >> the usda has an on site office. the processing of the diseased cattle was done without the benefit of federal inspection. adam says he knows the locally raised grass fed beef was properly inspected. >> we can prove our animals are safe. they're done on a separate day. they don't comingle with the old dairy cows. >> do you think there's cross- examination? >> not possible. >> shut down a plant that will really hurt all of the local grass fed beef growers here.
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>> rancho closed operations after the recall. it was the last remaining slawtdzer house here in the bay area. local ranchers will have to shuttle their cattle. they say it's not only cruel for the cows, but the expense could put them out of business. >> any question about what they will buy at the store? how do they figure out what is okay? >> we have all the information on our website and we list specific products because this is a limited quantity and there are only specific types that are kin colluded in this recall. >> thank you very much. >> imagine no more dropped calls. mike shows us the bay area startup found a way to keep you connected no matter what. >> it's an empty street, nobody else around, you got a clear signal, no problem. >> if you're around a lot of people in a crowd, you are
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breaking up. you want to take a selfie send it here, forget about it .z tews crowded. >> this man says he can change that, with personal cells. peace cells. >> going down to p cell technology is like the leap. it comes from a guy with a track record. and came up with web tv and sold it to microsoft. developed in san francisco by his company, the plan is to roll out peace signs by the end of the year. >> san francisco would be the first city that essential lay has a motive service that is as reliable if you had a wired connection to keek it to every single mobile device. never be con jex, never be dropped calls. sounds like a lot of hype. is this the next big thing?
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>> and farmer rants about cell technology, he isn't sin cynical about these plans. >> i can see a company like google trying to do that. >> this is no give me. there are challenges, existing cell providers could put up roadblocks, so could government. antennas must be installed city wide. but a lot of people say if it works and if it gets the go ahead, it could be a game changer. mike sugarman, kpix5. >> and you wouldn't need a new phone. your existing hand set would simply roam between p cell and lte depending on what is available. >> he was roaming down there earlier today. back now. >> what a nice night out there. beautiful. we maybe say gorgeous would be a nice soaking rain fall, that's coming next week. we will see a nice significant rain fall. enjoy a nice weekend knowing the rain is on the way. go outside and try to enjoy the
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70 degrees. the tower, partly cloudy skies. overnight tonight, we will drop down to the lower 40s in fair field and livermore. redwood city 41. your microclimate forecast, heyward good evening to you. close to 70 on friday. sunny and mild. 10 degrees above average. why? it's that same ridge of high pressure. but, it's not strong. it's not as close, we call it a dirty ridge. we'll have cloud cover moving over top of it and we will not have any rain fall for the next several days. what this means for you, all of the action, strong storm systems continue to pummel the pacific northwest. it's like a wall, nothing can make it on our side of the wall. sunny, check. warm, check. no rain fall, we got that as well. it all changes next week when
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this rug lifts farther up to the north and give us several days of rain fall. that is not until this time next week. we have a lot of sunny and dry to get through first. it will be a clear, cool night. mild tomorrow, close to 70 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds and nice, dry for now. next week is when tz big change comes. 69 degrees in san jose. 5 degrees above average for you. we will hit 70 in campbell. union city upper 60s. pleasant hill, walnut creek 70. sonoma, 78. coming up tomorrow, same story on friday, ditto on saturday, same thing again on sunday and monday. here come the clouds. a week from now, it will be raining, much cooler and cloudier. sunny for several days. that's our forecast, we'll be back in 2 minutes. ,,
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some four years ago, a long time yahoo! employee unsuccessfully applied for a job with facebook and started his own thing. >> he is selling his startup to the very company that turned him down for billions. take that. that little startup is the free mobile messaging service, what's app? facebook is buying it for $16 billion. >> it's a really useful service. it has a tremendous amount of traction and that is why facebook is interested in it. it has an engaged user base and more engaged than facebook's own user base and growing very
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rapidly. >> traction, dennis, just remember that. what's app has more than 450 million active users and it is on basic connect, a billion people according to mark zuckerberg, it will operate separately from facebook. >> have you heard of what's app? >> no. >> the warriors make a trade. we'll tell you who is coming and who is going and could they start the second haver of half of the season minus demarcus cousins? that's next. ♪
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[ male announcer ] spring is calling. get 10% off all in-stock composite decking at lowe's. aquiring steve blake from t lakers in exchange for kent bazemore and marshon brooks. the warriors added another point guard, acquiring steve blake from the lakers in exchange for kent and marshon brooks. give me the clock. bob meyers looked like it was a stressful negotiation. even more stress. warriors led by 15, but go down
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the drain as thomas for the kings. golden state outscored sacramento by 10 in the 4th. the full monte and the bears against ucla. first half, tyrone wallace didn't get the call. none of the bears get back. bruins win 86-66. giants have their first full squad workout in scots dale, but this was a great shot. syracuse going down. the boston college at the buzzer. there it is. giants full squad workout in scotts dale. they are hoping michael morris can give them some help in the outfield. >> i don't think i'm going to be swinging that bat a whole lot. i think it started swinging me towards the end. >> michael morris, the reporter asked him, do you want to be called mike or michael? he said you can call me
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everything. if i'm not hitting when july rolls around, call me jerk. >> good. ,,,,,,,,,, the great american novel.
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